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Getting To Know The Foe: St. Joe's

The Sooners are taking on the St. Joseph's Hawks on Friday night in the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament. I am going to assume that not a lot of you are very familiar with our opponent from the A-10 Conference so I will try and give you guys a small crash course on the Hawks.

The Hawks are lead by Seniors Pat Calathes and Rob Ferguson. Calathes is their go to guy. He is listed at 6'10 but he plays Guard/Forward. Calathes averages 18 points and 8 rebounds a game and will be a handful for either Blake Griffin or Longar Longar. Both Calathes and Ferguson are big and strong. Not only can they do some damage in the post and with mid-range jumpers, but they are both deadly from downtown. Calathes shoots 40% from beyond the arc while Ferguson shoots 44%. The Hawks have five players who average double figures including the two I have mentioned.

St. Joe's has some big wins this season, including two victories over Xavier in the past 12 days. They also beat Villanova like a drum in early February. They do have some very bad losses on their resume' which include, a home loss to Holy Cross, a road loss to Duquesne and a home loss to St. Louis who both finished 11th and 10th respectively in the A-10.

The Hawks scored 73.3 points per game but gave up 67.3 a game. Compare that to the Sooners who scored 68.4 points per game and allowed 63.4 a game.