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Poor Shooting Dooms Sooners Again

So that really sucked. Now like I said in the game thread, it would be a tough challenge for the Sooners to win it but I thought they could at least keep it close. 77-49 is not keeping it close.

The keys to this game were contain A.J Abrams & D.J Augustin and the guards had to hit shots. Neither of those were accomplished and the Sooners lost by 28 points.

Blake Griffin played a tremendous game scoring 23 points and pulling down 13 rebounds. Longar chipped in 7 points and 6 rebounds but was in foul trouble for most of the game. The play of those two completely neutralized the inside presence of former Sooner signee Damion James. That was the only positive in this game.

A.J Abrams hit 7 three pointers en route to 24 points while D.J Augustin added 17. To counter that the OU guards, Crocker, Johnson, Davis, & Godbold, shot a paltry 25.8% from the field scoring only 20 combined points. You cannot win games in College Basketball when your 4 top guards score fewer than the leading scorer from the other team. I will give Austin Johnson credit for dishing out 10 assists on the 20 buckets the Sooner had.

Overall, a pretty disappointing game for the Sooners but that just gives Blake Griffin and the training staff an extra day to get him back to 100%.