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Josh Jarboe: "I'm Still Going To OU"

Oklahoma signee Josh Jarboe told WSB-TV in Atlanta that he is still planning on coming to even though he was charged with two felony gun counts last week.

Jarboe, the 10 rated WR coming out of High School, had this to say to JaQuitta Williams of WSB-TV.

"I still have my scholarship, I'm still going to Oklahoma. If I don't go to Oklahoma, I'm going somewhere. This isn't fixing to just stop me."

"If you know me, (you know) I'm a good person. This is just a speed bump that has slowed me down. I'm going to get up out of this and go on doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

In case you haven't heard the story yet: In short, Jarboe was in a car on school property with his friend when an Assistant Principal said that he saw Jarboe grab a handgun from the back of his friends car and tuck it into his waistband.

I think that coming to Oklahoma and getting away from his his high school friends is exactly what he needs to get everything straight. He seems to be a tremendous talent which means that even if he doesn't get a shot here at OU that someone, somewhere will take a shot on him.

Jarboe says he's still headed to OU []