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Sooners a #7 Seed/Central America is Calling

If there were a worse time, as a Sooner fan, to jump on an airplane and fly to Panama I really can't think of when it would be. However, duty calls and I must go. Therefore I'm turning over the keys to the Machine to Nick, you know him as Jubanator14, and you the Sooner fans. will be posting his thoughts on the Big 12/NCAA tournaments, spring football or whatever else comes to his mind. You know you (as a reader of this site) can do the exact same thing, don't you? Outside of posting your comments to articles written on this site you can also write your own stories and post your own thoughts about whatever in the diaries section located on the right sidebar.

Okay, now on to important stuff. My personal thought is that OU is at a #8 seed in the NCAA tournament but Rivals has them at a #7 seed with potential to move up. I guess we really won't know until Sunday after we see how the Sooners play in the conference tournament.

Speaking of the conference tournament, Rivals also has OU listed as a sleeper. Who knows? Have fun and enjoy the madness. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on it all when I get back!