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Bedlam Lacrosse Gets Heated Over Fan's Behavior

Oklahoma's lacrosse team won for the second game in a row and bumped their season record up to 4-5 with a 19-4 win over Oklahoma State. The win was overshadowed by an incident involving a drunken fan and an OSU player. While fans should be loud and noticed by opposing teams this is a far cry of how it should be done.

Assistant lacrosse coach Tim Matheson was willing to share his thoughts with us on both the game in the incident. While appreciate his time to share with us I would also like to say that I agree 100% with his sentiments on fan behavior. As Sooner fans we should be loud and proud but we should also want to win with class.  

BEDLAM was truly bedlam Saturday as the Sooners hosted the Cowboys for what turned out to be an interesting game.  The Sooner squad controlled the game for the entire game.  At half time, we pulled the goalie so he could play attack and put an attackman in at goal.  Lots of rookies and freshmen got important playing time which is always important when you are about to lose some great senior talent.  The Sooners took 54 shots and scored 19 points to the Cowboy's 4 points.  As it was with Kansas State last week, there is no need to run up the score when you have the game well in hand.  Get your younger guys out there and get some game experience.

Play was physical during the entire game and neither side wanted to give up any ground.  However, late in the 4th quarter some fans who had been drinking and heckling the OSU players from outside the fence must have said something quit inappropriate and an OSU player who was on the field jumped the fence and got into an altercation with those fans.  I only say this to drive the point home that we do not want this type of behavior at our games.  There were many families with children there and they had to witness the fight.  After a stoppage of play for several minutes the referees handed out multiple penalties and the Cowboys who were already short on players elected to stop the game, giving OU the win.

This is not the way anyone likes to win.  I could go on and on about honoring the sport, being responsible, etc.  But there will be no more fans allowed to congregate outside the fence or outside the soccer stadium in the future.  Fans can either watch the game in the bleachers or from the sidelines or they can choose to go watch something else.

So, on with the stats:

Seidel Hudson led the way with 5 goals and two assists.  Senior Ray Wilcox racked up 2 goals and selflessly added 6 assists.  Face off middie Chrispy Hoover managed 3 goals and 1 assist and Adam Hawbaker..Matt Dzura...Hollis Meyer...Kevin Neal and Corey Euhus all contributed with one or more goals.