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Stolen Gun Should Cost Jarboe Scholarship

As the details unfold about Josh Jarboe's arrest it has become apparent that this isn't the kind of kid we'd like to see playing in the Crimson and Cream. Jarboe and his friend James Davis were arrested Thursday night by a school police officer after Jarboe was spotted with a handgun that turned out to be stolen.

While a federal law requires school systems to expel students for at least a year for firearm possession Jarboe has only been suspended indefinitely at this point pending a hearing. If the expulsion holds up it will make Bob Stoops decision easier because Jarboe won't graduate and therefore be ineligible to play for Oklahoma this fall.

However, should Jarboe somehow escape getting expelled and graduate on time Stoops should still make the difficult decision to withdraw his offer to the nation's 10th ranked receiver prospect. The reason is simple and just makes sense. OU doesn't need any bad seeds! Sure we want the Sooners to be edgy, cocky and even nasty when it comes to their play on the field but we have to draw the line when it comes to gun toting thugs. Those are the type of players you'd find in Austin, Texas or Baton Rouge, Louisiana in recent years but not in Norman.

Having a weapon on a high school campus is a serious offense regardless of the time of day and the fact that the gun was stolen only adds to the offense. I hope that Jarboe gets his act cleaned up, is able to graduate high school and gets the opportunity to excel on the football field but just not in Norman this fall. With commitments from Dejuan Miller and Jameel Owens OU will be fine at the receiver position in this class.