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National Signing Day Opening Thread

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 Landry Jones    
 Britt Mitchell  
 Justin Johnson      
 Daniel Franklin    
 Dejuan Miller    
 James Hanna    
 David King    
 J.R. Bryant    
 Josh Jarboe    
 Mike Balogun      
 Tress Way    
 Joseph Ibiloye    
 Stephen Good    
 Lamar Harris    
 R.J. Washington    
 Stacey McGee    
 Jameel Owens      
 Jermie Calhoun    
 Casey Walker    

These are the recruits who have landed at Oklahoma. They are in order of when their letters were received and hopefully the list isn't complete yet because there are a few names missing. Live recruiting updates can be found here.

We've already introduced some of them to you as prospects now we'll work on the rest as they've officially become recruits. Leave any thoughts or comments on this class below.