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Sooners Choosing to Die by the Three

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All you need to know in recapping OU's 63-45 loss to Nebraska on Wednesday night is that the Sooners only scored 12 points in the first half. Yes, to those who may be oblivious to Oklahoma's ineptness in Lincoln, I did say 12 points in the first half.

While I've gone out of my way to applaud head coach Jeff Capel he has his hands full trying to figure out a way to get his team to score. While I don't know near as much about basketball as he does I do know this. OU is dying with the three point shot.

Against Texas on Saturday the Sooners only made 5 of 16 three point attempts (31%) and followed it up with a 5 of 20 (25%) performance against Nebraska. In case you're struggling with the math that's 10 of 36 for a whopping 28%.

While that's a major part of Oklahoma's struggles it isn't the only problem. Here are a few others.

Points in the Paint. Sure Blake Griffin is a beast but he can't do it alone. Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley have been the conferences super freshmen the last two seasons but the thing that most separates them from Griffin is their supporting cast. Check out Longar's and Taylor Griffin's box scores from Wednesday night.

Player Mins FG FT Reb Pts
17 0-1 0-0 4 0
15 0-3 0-1 1 0

Turnovers! As a team, Oklahoma had only 8 assists Wednesday night against Nebraska as opposed to 11 turnovers.

Jump Shots! It isn't just three point shots that the sooners are missing it's anything that isn't directly under the basket. Combined OU shot 31% from the floor against Texas and Nebraska. What's the problem? Read the next line.

Guard Play! Tony Crocker (4-13), David Godbold (1-9), Austin Johnson (1-3), Omar Leary (0-2), Cade Davis (4-7). Those are shooting numbers not birthdays.

Oklahoma didn't move off of the NCAA bubble Wednesday night but they sure moved down on it. Now Saturday's home game against Texas A&M becomes a must win just to stay on that bubble. After beating Baylor Last week I said that all the Sooners have to do is protect their home floor to make the dance and that is still very much an option with A&M and Missouri still to go.