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NCAA Tournament: Who Is In From the Big 12?

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The college basketball season is quickly coming to a screeching halt and while an NCAA Tournament birth is all but guaranteed for four Big 12 teams the race is on for a fifth and possibly sixth spot. Looking at the conference standings the only thing that is sure is that at this point nothing is for sure.

The Longhorns have sealed the deal for the Big 12 crown and Monday night’s win over Kansas State moved them another step closer to a #1 seed.
The Jayhawks are in but Kansas fans have to be wondering how far they will go after struggling with the top teams in the conference.
Michael Beasley is a beast but, like the Sooners are finding out with Blake Griffin, one player can’t carry you deep into March
Here’s where it starts to get interesting. As of right now the Aggies would be in but their grasp on the 4th place spot in the conference is anything but firm. Riding a three game losing streak Texas A&M closes out with Texas Tech, at Oklahoma, at Baylor and against Kansas.
Oklahoma needs to follow a simple formula, WIN!!! A victory over Nebraska Wednesday night would go a long way and the Sooners must protect their home court against A&M and Missouri.
The Bears have an impressive resume but two losses to the Sooners would put them behind Oklahoma at this point. However, Baylor very realistically could become the conference’s 6th team to get in.
Here’s the deal. Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas A&M and Texas Tech won’t all make the dance. Something has got to give
Other than Texas there may not be a hotter team in the Big 12 than the Cowboys. OSU still has an NCAA heartbeat but it is faint.
Back-to-back wins over ranked opponents have Nebraska fans talking about post season play.
Missouri needs to win two of their final four games to guarantee an NIT birth.
Losing 5 of their last 6 games has Cyclone fans hoping their team isn’t considered for the NIT
Is anyone else sickened by the fact that 50% of Colorado’s conference wins came against the Sooners?