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What's Wrong With The Sooner Basketball Squad

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With the Sooners dropping another game to Texas this year, 62-45, many questions will be brought up about what the Sooners need to do so they are able to stay competitive and win these big games that they need to. Well there are a few key things that the Sooners need to do so they will beat the teams they need to beat, Colorado, Kansas St, USC, S.F. Austin, and beat the top tier teams, Memphis, Kansas & Texas.

  1. They need a true point guard. Austin Johnson is an alright ball player. However, he is not a very good point guard. He is a shoot first guard with a decent shot. Getting a point guard should be tops on  Coach Capel's recruiting priority.
  2. Tony Crocker needs to step up and be the outside to Blake Griffin's inside. Getting a guard to consistently hit outside shots will force teams to not double or triple team Blake Griffin. Willie Warren will help take the load off of Crocker next season, but in these remaining games, Crocker needs to show that he can step up and be the man more consistently.
Those are two of the biggest things that the Sooners need to do to take that leap from very solid team to a great team.

I think what Coach Capel has done with the group of kids Sampson left them has been amazing. Developing Longar into a very good player after Sampson gave up on him gives all OU fans hope because Capel is a very good developer of talent. I think year three will be the year that the Sooners finally make that leap back to the Elite of the Big 12.

I am curious to hear what Sooner Nation thinks needs to happen for the Sooners to get back to being one of the Elite teams in the Big 12.