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Sooners Will Keep Football Wins From 2005

Oklahoma has won their appeal to the NCAA allowing them to keep the 8 season wins that they were initially ordered to vacate following the 2005 season and the "Bomargate" scandal.

Bob Stoops acknowledged that those wins meant a lot to the athletes who had nothing to do with the scandal and was proud that now their accomplishments would be recognized.

"This decision is a great thing for those individuals involved with our 2005 team," Stoops said.  "Most of the players on our current roster were not on that team, but I know those victories mean a lot to the players and coaches who were here at that time."

Director of Athletics Joe Castiglione applauded the NCAA recognition of the university's response.

"We fully appreciate and respect the process required in these matters," Castiglione said.  "We are pleased that the NCAA recognized the University's approach in taking immediate and significant action upon our discovery of the violations and of the work and cooperation of the University of Oklahoma in the ultimate detection of the violations.  We appreciate the processes established by the NCAA and our obligations as a member institution."  

Keep in mind that none of the opponents that Oklahoma defeated that season were allowed to count the game against the Sooners as a win. It was still reflected as a loss in their record and OU had simply vacated the win. Now it counts as a loss for the opponents and a win for the Sooners. That's right, the Bedlam series now stands corrected at 79-16-7 with OU now legitimately winning the last 5 in a row.