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Sooners Should Set Their Sites on 5th

If the NCAA Tournament were to start this weekend it appears that the Sooners would be in and marked somewhere around an 8th seed. However the tournament doesn't start this weekend and with six games remaining on the schedule Oklahoma must protect their .500 conference record and maintain their current spot in the conference standings.

At 17-8 (5-5 in conference) OU is tied with Baylor for the conference's 5th spot and needless to say that is an important spot because the Big 12 is almost guaranteed 5 teams in the tournament.

The Sooners clearly aren't one of the top three teams in the conference and with A&M coming to Norman on March 1 OU can make a strong case for the 4th spot but realistically they are sitting around where they belong at 5th and they absolutely cannot afford to drop.

To maintain their current position Oklahoma must simply defend their home floor and that begins tonight with Baylor and then contest against Texas A&M and Missouri (March 8th). The good news is that there is still a trip to Nebraska (along with trips to Texas and Stillwater) so if OU were to drop a home game there is still the very real possibility of picking one up on the road.

Bottom line is that a chance to dance is what we were hoping for this hoops team and that is what we are getting just as long as they hang on to at least that 5th spot.