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Alright, We'll Talk About Lacrosse

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The following news article was sent to me by one of our readers. I have to admit that I know absolutely nothing about the sport other than the fact that its fun to watch and requires a lot of athleticism.

NORMAN, Okla. -- February 12, 2008-- The OU Lacrosse team split the weekend with a win and a loss in a pair of matches with New Mexico and seventh-ranked Ft. Lewis College.    

OU first faced a tough Ft. Lewis team Saturday afternoon as Ft. Lewis jumped out ahead quickly, scoring 12 goals in the first half.  The Sooners put up three points in each half, but could not put together a run to match the high-scoring Skyhawks.  Sooner goals were scored by Kelly West and Cory Euhus with one each, and Ray Wilcox and Adam Hawbaker with two apiece.   The final score was 22-6.  

Sunday proved to be a much stronger showing for the Sooners.  OU defeated New Mexico 13-10 in a tight match.  Captain Adam Hawbaker was a leading playmaker, scoring six goals for the Sooners.  Goals also came from Matt Dzura, Hudson Seidel, Kevin Neal, each with a pair, and Ray Wilcox with one goal.  Goalie Connor Zwinggi had 15 saves on the day.  

The Sooners return to Norman to play LSU Feb. 16 at 1 p.m.  This will be the first home game for OU and will take place on the intramural fields on Jenkins.

I guess I'm going to have to do my best to keep up with the team this season. Feel free to add any additional thoughts or comments on the sport or the Sooners.