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Hey Texas - Look In The Mirror!

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I tried! I really tried hard to feel sorry for the Texas Longhorns because of the process in which they were left out of the Big 12 Championship. While I won’t ever apologize for Oklahoma being there I will acknowledge that the issue being settled on a 5th tiebreaker is a tough way to lose.


As much as I wanted to gloat I didn’t because I knew that if the shoe was on the other foot the last thing that I would want to see is a bunch of knuckleheaded Longhorn fans posting over here. Instead, I took the news with a great deal of exuberance and anticipation for what was sure to be Oklahoma’s sixth conference championship. All attention was moved to the Missouri Tigers.


I could have easily gone over to Burnt Orange Nation and posted something like, “Look at us now!” but I didn’t. The only thing that I posted over there was a letter of apology for how everything went down. Again, not that OU wasn’t deserving but that it was a heartbreaking way to see it all end. How were we rewarded? The whiney boneheaded Texas fans came to Crimson and Cream Machine to flame away and now I am sick of it!


The 45-35 argument was a faulty argument at best that ultimately didn’t hold water and when things didn’t work out we were told how stupid the world was for not buying into it. Truth is the Longhorns haven’t always felt that way. Of course we already know that because I can’t find a Longhorn to admit that Texas Tech is better than Texas in 2008 for Red Raiders head-to-head win. Beyond that where was the head-to-head argument in 2006? Just after getting beat by Texas A&M in Austin Mack Brown voted the Aggies behind the Longhorns. Of course Texas fans would have you believe that they are the first victims of a circumstance like that and anyone who would allow themselves to be put ahead of a team that beat them are the most classless people in the world because they would never do something so low.


Then there is the issue of running up the score. According to the Longhorns Bob Stoops is a complete (insert whichever explicative here) for allowing his troops to become the most prolific scoring offense in the history of college football. They would never do anything like that, right? Let’s flashback to the 2005 conference title game – anyone remember the 67 point beat down the Longhorns put on Colorado? Leading 42-3 at the half Texas poured on four more touchdowns in the third quarter to push their point total to 70. Already up by 60 points Texas rushed a punt, blocking it and returning it for a score. They’ll tell you that isn’t running the score up though.


Did Oklahoma run the score up Saturday night? Of course they did! However, I think it would be hard to find a fan of any team to tell you that they wouldn’t want their school to score once more in a historical situation like that. We’ve already had some Texas fans tell us here on this site that they wouldn’t want their team to score there but it seems like they’ll tell you just about anything to make a point. Even when it means contradicting themselves!


Now Oklahoma is in the BCS Championship Game and not even the most disgruntled Texas fan can reign of this parade. They’ll try though! So let me go ahead and put out this warning now. Anyone is welcome to post here at this site regardless of who you ultimately cheer for. However, the trigger is going to be pretty quick from now on. Come here just to flame and you’ll be gone! I tried to be nice about this and put off the Longhorn hate until next October but it appears that won’t be possible due to circumstances beyond my control.