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BCS Selection Special Open Thread

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We are just a few moments away from the announcement of all of the BCS bowls. Here are my predictions for the bowls:

Rose Bowl

USC vs Penn St. - This is pretty much a given since the Rose Bowl is always Big 10 vs Pac-10. This should be a really interesting match up since both teams are very good defensively and not all that offensively.

Orange Bowl

Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech - This is probably going to be the least watched BCS bowl this season.

Fiesta Bowl

Utah vs. Ohio St. - Some are saying it could be Texas vs Ohio St. but I think the Fiesta Bowl will opt for Utah. This will be a pretty decent game and since Ohio St. isn't playing an SEC team, they should win.

Sugar Bowl

Alabama vs. Texas - Since Utah will go to the Fiesta in my opinion, the Sugar Bowl will match up two historic powers of College Football. Texas should be fired up but I could see them being disappointed and possibly a let down, Alabama will keep it close but Texas prevails.

National Championship

Oklahoma vs. Florida
- To toot my own horn here, I predicted this match up back in the preseason and for a while there it didn't look like it would happen. Both of these teams are great offensively and this game should be a classic shootout. Last team with the ball wins, which means the Sooners get the victory.


So here is the place to chat it up while watching Fox or ESPN.