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Records Are Going To Fall In Kansas City!

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Chris Brown only needs 12 yards to make history!

Bob Stoops said on Tuesday that he’d never seen the type of efficiency that the 2008 Oklahoma offense has. Quite frankly neither has anyone else. With 89 touchdowns on the season already the Sooners have already tied the NCAA record for touchdowns scored in a single season. Now OU only needs 17 points to set the record for points scored in a season. Sam Bradford and company currently sit 16 points behind the 2006 Hawaii team that set the current record with 656 points in 14 games.


Oklahoma also has a chance to match Tulsa’s streak of five consecutive games of scoring 60 or more points. The Sooners stand right now at four games and while it isn’t a priority to score 60 plus it certainly is a possibility. In addition, here are a few other marks that could be set Saturday night in Kansas City.


  • Three-PeatOklahoma already owns five conference championships since the turn of the century and last year became the first team to win the Big 12 in back-to-back years. Now they have the opportunity to raise the bar higher. Oklahoma can win three in a row!


  • Twice is Nice – This is the stat that is most amazing to me. When you consider all of the great quarterbacks that have come through the Big 12 not a single one of them has won multiple conference championships. Sam Bradford can become the first quarterback to accomplish that feat.


  • Run Baby Run! – Sam Bradford has 4,080 passing yards and 46 touchdown passes (both school records) but Oklahoma is going to accomplish something on the ground that hasn’t been done in the Big 12 yet. Chris Brown needs just 12 more rushing yards to reach 1,000 for the season. DeMarco Murray has already reached that mark which will mark the first time the Big 12 has seen two 1,000 yard backs in a season.


The Oklahoma Sooners have given us plenty to cheer for this season and there very well could be plenty more to come. Regardless of how it will ultimately end we will look back on the offense and say that it was historic in more ways than one.