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Sam Bradford’s Signature Heisman Play

Let’s face it. The Heisman Trophy doesn’t necessarily go to the best player in the country. Instead it usually goes to the player who has the best advertising campaign. While stats are important they really aren’t everything anymore. Voters want to know what your team’s record is and even where they would be without you playing. In other words it is becoming more of a popularity contest for the most valuable player on one of the best teams in the country instead of an award for the actual best player in the country.


Sam Bradford’s stats are eye popping but in today's football it won't be enough. Oklahoma’s super sophomore has passed for 4,080 yards and 46 touchdowns with still one game to go. Yep, that controversial birth in the Big 12 Championship could give “Sam the Man” a leg up on in conference competitor Colt McCoy in the Heisman race. The Oklahoma media relations department is taking full advantage of the situation as well.

“We actually haven’t had to do very much,” said Kenny Mossman, Oklahoma’s associate athletics director for communications. “Sam has pretty much promoted himself.”

Bradford’s leadership on the field has been second to none and as the trigger man for the Sooners high octane offense OU has already tied the single season mark for touchdowns and is only two more away from breaking the record for most points scored in a season, ever!

Earlier this week Bob Stoops cited Bradford as being the best quarterback that he’s ever coached. That includes national champion Josh Heupel and Heisman winner Jason White. However, it is his age, only being a sophomore, that has me concerned. There hasn’t been a habit made of giving the stiff arm trophy away to sophomores.

Tim Tebow broke that mold last season and Sam Bradford should be on his way to setting the trend this year. Tebow had the jump pass last year that everyone saw over and over again which no doubt was on voters minds. This year Bradford has the Stillwater flip. It’s a play that shows his toughness, determination and athleticism. You know the kind of stuff a Heisman winner is supposed to have, along with amazing stats.