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Evidence That The Harris Poll Is Wack!

If you are familiar with Brian Cook’s Blog Poll then you’ll know that his Wack Ballot Watchdog calls out the person who has ranked a team strangely or for the wrong motives.

As you know the Texas Longhorns passed up the Sooners in the Harris Poll this week. Some will disagree with this but much of the change in the poll was the result of the lobbying done by Mack Brown. Other than that the rest can be attributed to total ignorance. Need proof? Check out this blurb taken from Monday’s Daily Oklahoman.


Some have questioned the validity of the Harris Interactive poll, which has had a spotty run in its four years as being part of the BCS.

The skepticism could be valid.

True story from the Boone Pickens Stadium pressbox Saturday night.

I asked Harris poll voter Pat Quinn, the former Oklahoma State University sports information director, how he would vote OU and Texasif the Sooners won Saturday night.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Quinn said. “Doesn’t really matter.”


“I think Alabama and Penn State will probably play for the national championship,” Quinn said.

You do?

“They’re the only undefeated teams, aren’t they,” Quinn said.

Uh, actually, Penn State has a loss.

“Oh well,” Quinn said, “those Big Ten teams have a lot of votes.”


These are the guys helping determine who plays for the national championship! There’s nothing like credibility.