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Is Mossis Madu Ready For College Football’s Biggest Stage?

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Rushing Yards P/G Avg P/C Lng TD Yds Per Reception Lng
38.6 4.2 37 6 7 15

Mossis Madu arrived on campus as a part of the 2006 recruiting class. He was ranked as a three star athlete by Rivals out of Norman High School. He was redshirted in 2006 and played spot duty in 2007 rushing for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns on 40 carries. We’ve seen a significant increase in his workload during the 2008 season with 111 carries. His signature moment though was in the Big 12 Championship Game when he filled in for DeMarco Murray. That night in Kansas City he rushed for 114 yards and 3 touchdowns on 15 carries with an average of 7.6 yards per carry.


The Big 12 Championship was a banner night for Madu and for the Sooners to win their 8th national championship he’s going to have another banner night in Miami. Madu will replace DeMarco Murray once again in Oklahoma’s biggest football game since 2004. Murray provides versatility to Oklahoma’s offense with his explosive running style and has the hands and elusiveness to be a very solid safety valve for Sam Bradford.


Madu is similar to Murray in size (6-0/196 compared to 6-1/205) and has many of the same running characteristics that Murray does. What he lacks is experience both in games and in the offense in general. He’s also close to Murray in rushing yards per carry averaging 4.2 yards per carry to Murray’s 5.6 yards but where the major difference is going to come in the receiving game where Madu is several yards behind Murray in yards per catch (7.0 to 12.7). Murray had a knack for finding open space when Bradford was flushed from the pocket and then turning a three yard dump pass into a ten to fifteen yard gain.


If there is any good news in this situation it is in the fact that Oklahoma still has almost a month to prepare for the game. I’m confident that the coaches will be able to devise a game plan to make up for the yards that they’ll lose by not having Murray in the game but the question is if the personnel experience will allow for that plan to be carried out.