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Scouting The Utah Utes

The Utah Utes have a record of 5-3 with less than impressive losses to Southwest Baptist and Idaho State along with a respectable loss to Cal. They’ve yet to play a ranked opponent and are on a two game losing streak after previously winning five in a row.  

Points P/G Rebounds P/G FG% 3 PT% FT%
76.2 33.66 50% 37% 75%

Utah will have a physical presence on the inside with 7-2, 265lbs center Luke Nevill. He leads the team in scoring (18.1 ppg), rebounding (8.5 rpg), blocked shots (2.1 bpg) and field goal percentage (.647). Basically he’s the Utah version of Blake Griffin. It will definitely keep things interesting underneath the basket.

Forward Shaun Green comes off the bench to provide the Utes with a spark. He has made 19 three point shots which is tops on the team and he’s hitting nearly 40% of his shots from beyond the arch.   

Another guy to keep an eye on is guard Carlon Brown. He’s second on the team in shooting percentage with 64.6%. Nevill is shooting 64.7%!

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