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Oklahoma Sooners At Texas A&M Football Game Thread

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Ou_medium   Texas_am_old1_medium

College Station, TX  

Kickoff Time: 2:30

Television: ABC

Total Average Offense Yards (Rank)

Oklahoma 538.33 (3rd), A&M 262.22 (65th)

Average Points Scored (Rank)

Oklahoma 49.78 (2nd), A&M 26.89 (55th)

Average Yards Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 353.11 (59th), A&M 427.11 (104th)

Average Points Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 23.11 (51st), A&M 32.56 (102nd)


Other than the fact that it is being played on the road there is absolutely nothing that makes me nervous about this game. However, that’s when things usually jump up to bite you. I expect Oklahoma to win comfortably anyway!

Post your thoughts before, during and after the game here.

Official Machine Prediction: 42-24, OU – Boomer Sooner!!!