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Big 12 Game Of The Week: We Are Still Red Raider Fans

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Like in 2006 Texas has left the back door open for the Sooners to get into the Big 12 championship game. However, just like in 2006 Oklahoma will need some additional help and that means cheering for Texas Tech to beat Oklahoma State Saturday night. If Texas were to drop another game (Baylor, Kansas, Texas A&M) then the Sooners would be in control of their own destiny. However, until that happens Oklahoma’s best scenario is a three way tie in which the Big 12 would take the highest ranked BCS team to represent the south in Kansas City. For that to happen Texas Tech has to beat Oklahoma State and then fall only to the Sooners. At this point that, and only that, is Oklahoma’s ticket to Kansas City. Here’s to hoping that the same Twilight Zone stuff that has happened to Oklahoma in past trips to Lubbock falls upon the Cowboys.


Big 12 Schedule


11:00   Baylor at Texas

12:30   Iowa State at Colorado

  1:30   Kansas at Nebraska

  2:30   Oklahoma at Texas A&M

  6:00   Kansas State at Missouri

  7:00   Oklahoma State at Texas Tech


National Games


TCU fell to Utah Thursday night, 13-10, because of their inability to kick a field goal and that will ultimately cost Oklahoma in the BCS standings but it the above scenario plays out then the Sooners will be fine. It pains me to say this but we also need to cheer for the Hat on Saturday afternoon. An LSU win over Alabama would bump the Tide down and move the Sooners up.


California plays at USC Saturday night and while I have little doubt that the Trojans are going to win but I want to see them play a team that isn’t Washington State, Washington or Arizona State.