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OU/BYU In Dallas Would Be Bad For Sooner Fans

I don’t know about you but one game per year in Dallas is enough for me. When I first heard of the possibility of Oklahoma playing BYU at Jerry World, in Dallas, my first thought was, “I hope that replaces a home game for the Cougars and not the Sooners!” That is the only way that the idea would possibly fly with me because as a season ticket holder I really don’t want to give up a home game. But even if it counted as an away game for OU do we really want to travel to Dallas in September and then back again in October? I don’t think I do.


BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall let the cat out of the bag, that the two teams have been involved in talks about the possibility of this game, during a conference call on Tuesday.

"I know that we have been and are being considered for some early games next year, and that was one of them," Mendenhall said. "There was a chance that it could be against Oklahoma. But there were a list of teams for us to play, or we might have been just one of the teams being considered to play." A source said the topic was brought up for the second time in two weeks during an ESPN conference call on Monday.

BYU needs this game more than Oklahoma does. Prime Time games on national television aren’t as common in Provo as they are in Norman so Oklahoma doesn’t have a lot to gain by agreeing to do something like this. OU clearly has the upper hand in negotiations and while I still contend that it would not be in the fans best interest for this to happen I also want to say that if it does happen anything less than an agreement which brings BYU to Norman after the neutral site game is unacceptable.