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Sooner Quotes On Texas A&M

Oklahoma’s attention this week is focused on Texas A&M as the Sooners prepare to take a trip to College Station this weekend. The Big 12 South raced spiced up again with Texas Tech’s win over Texas. Now the back door has been left cracked and Oklahoma has a little more motivation than they would have otherwise.


Oklahoma had one of the most dominating first 15 minutes of football against Nebraska on Saturday night and Bob Stoops began his weekly press conference by recapping it.


 “As always, going back over last week’s game with Nebraska, it was really exciting to come out and start as fast as we did in all parts of the game. To be able to execute so well in a big game, and in a rivalry game, was big. We started out with a great kickoff return to give us some great field position, and then the offense scored on the first possession. Then the defense, on three of the first five possessions, came up with a touchdown and two other turnovers. To be up 35-0 in the first quarter, you are obviously doing a lot well.


“Offensively, I thought we had a nice balance of run and pass. We did a good job in both areas and took care of the football again. I thought Sam Bradford was exceptional again with five touchdown passes and over 300 yards passing. Running the ball, Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray were great, they ended up being players of the game along with Trent Williams up front and Quentin Chaney outside. He had five catches for over 100 yards and really played well. Defensively, Frank Alexander was one of the defensive players of the game along with Dominique Franks.

“It was a good solid game and a good win, but it moves us on further down the road to a good game at A&M. They are really coming on; you could see in the Colorado game that they are really playing well. Their quarterback Jared Johnson is playing well and he is getting better and more comfortable. He makes good decisions and really limits his mistakes. Their defensive coordinator does a great job and keeps them disciplined and good at what they do. Going down to A&M is always an exciting but challenging thing. We have to be focused and prepared as we go down there like always.”


Nebraska joined a long line of teams that Oklahoma has put away early. It is a trend that OU hans hope to see continue but the coach was asked if he was seeking any style points from the big wins.


“I think that has been the case for quite a while now. It’s the style points of when you’re playing, who you’re playing and where you’re playing. All of that matters. Some people take that into consideration.”


There certainly wasn’t much to frown about Saturday night in Norman but the loss of defensive end Auston English is one of them. Without him Oklahoma looses last season’s Big 12 sack leader and must now rely on redshirt freshman Frank Alexander to fill void. However, Stoops pointed out that there are plenty of reasons to be confident in Alexander.


 “Well obviously it hurts; you don’t want to lose any of your starters. Auston is having an excellent year. It’s disappointing for us, and for him as well I’m sure. But in the end you just have to keep moving on. Frank Alexander, the only thing that gives you a great feeling, he has been recognized as one of our players of the game or a guy who really had a positive impact on the game. Last week as well, a sack, two or three batted balls, a couple of pressures and some tackles for loss. So Frank will just have to step it up, and then the other guys in there have to come one and help as well.”


Anyone who has been there will tell you that there is no place in the world like Klye Field. Even Bob Stoops admits that he gets caught up in the tradion and Aggie yells.


“It’s always exciting. They have an excellent stadium and an excellent tradition with their cadets. It’s an interesting tradition with all of the different calls that they have. I sit around before the game and pay attention to them and try to figure out what it is that they are doing. They all seem to know, so more power to them. You have to give credit to them though, they do a good job with it.”


Stoops also pointed out some of the ways that A&M’s offense was different this year under Mike Sherman.


“It is different from what they are doing a year ago. They mix their run and pass well with a lot of intermediate and control passing.”


Player Quotes


“Last time we were down there it was loud, but we kind of kept the crowd out of it. We didn’t let them get too loud, but it can get kind of hectic at times. If you get caught looking into the stands, that can mess you up a little bit and get you off focus. So you have to stay focus.” – Quentin Chaney on playing at Kyle Field


“Somebody has to step up and rise to the challenge when you lose great players like Auston and Ryan (Reynolds), but everyone on our team was recruited for a reason and has the ability to play. I have faith in all my teammates and know they can play.” – Alan Davis on filling gaps left in the defense by injuries.