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Post Bedlam Thoughts

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Wow! What an amazing game. Oklahoma had to earn their points tonight and that is a huge statement for the opponent. I believe that the Cowboys are every bit worthy of their top 15 ranking and shouldn’t fall too far after a 20 point loss at home. On the other hand Oklahoma showed that they are one of the best teams in the country by winning a big game on the road which is something that neither Texas nor Texas Tech can claim. As I say that it is important that we don’t lose the value of this win by tainting it with the BCS talk. It is relevant to the cause but I pointed out the road win simply because it is a major accomplishment for this team because no one seems to win road games against ranked teams in the Big 12.


Here are a few other thoughts…


  • OSU needs to fire their strength and conditioning coach. Either that or admit that part of their defensive strategy was to have guys pretend to be hurt in order to slow down Oklahoma’s no huddle. I’ve not seen more players down in a game, have trainers come out and tend to them and then go back in a few minutes later since the last World Cup.


  • Giving up 41 points to O-State is okay with me. This wasn’t the Sisters of the Poor that OU was playing. Again, there is a reason why the Cowboys were ranked #12 in the nation and, like Oklahoma last week with Tech, OSU had two weeks to prepare a game plan for attacking the Sooner defense.


  • Oklahoma has the best offense in the nation, hands down! Oklahoma has now scored 60 plus points in the last four games in a row. They are the nation’s top scoring offense and have so many different ways that they can burn you.


  • Jermaine Gresham is the best tight end in the country! His stat line tonight tells us all we need to know about this argument – 9 receptions, 158 yards, 2 touchdowns.


  • Sam Bradford should be the Heisman front runner! He is just money! Is there really another quarterback that you’d want to have the ball in his hands with the game on the line?


  • Another middle linebacker gone? It looks like Austin Box’s injury is a torn MCL. I would love nothing more than for that information to come back incorrect but it sure didn’t look good. In his place Mike Balogun played very well and looks to be OU’s third guy in the middle this season. Fourth if you count Nic Harris starting the Kansas game.


  • Oklahoma State can keep the 12,000 extra tickets! We’ll take a 20 point win anyway.


  • Zac Robinson has a new nickname! From this point on we’ll refer to him as Zac “Butterfingers” Robinson. His interception set up OU’s first score and his drops were also turned into Sooner points.


  • Bob Stoops gave Mack Brown a lesson in class. I called the shot in yesterday’s post and said that we would be hearing Mack Brown begging for votes during the telecast. At the end of the game when Bob Stoops was given opportunity he declined to do the same stating that Oklahoma had done their talking on the field. As a Sooner fan I want to see Oklahoma in Kansas City next week but only if they truly earned it and not because my coach and other fans begged for it by renting airplanes and getting airtime on the competition’s game.