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The Greatest 5 ½ Minutes Of Football

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At the nine and a half minute mark of the first quarter the Oklahoma/Nebraska football game was over. There was still more that 3 ½ quarters left to play but with Oklahoma up 28-0 the outcome of the game had been decided. Sooner fans were treated to 5 ½ minutes of complete dominance over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

1st Quarter
Nebraska - 15:00
Neb kicked off, D. Murray returned kickoff for 64 yards. Okla committed 15 yard penalty
Oklahoma - 14:52
1st-10, Okla47 14:52 D. Murray rushed up the middle for 1 yard loss
2nd-11, Okla46 14:32 S. Bradford passed to R. Broyles to the left for 41 yard gain
1st-10, Neb13 14:32 M. Johnson rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain
2nd-8, Neb11 14:02 D. Murray rushed up the middle for 10 yard gain
1st-1, Neb1 14:02 D. Murray rushed up the middle for no gain
2nd-1, Neb1 13:32 D. Murray rushed to the right for 1 yard loss

3rd-2, Neb2

7-0 OU

13:32 C. Brown rushed to the right for 2 yard touchdown. J. Stevens made PAT

Oklahoma finally ran a long kickoff back on someone else instead of the other way around. Even with the 15 yard penalty Oklahoma was still setting up shop near mid-field. It's hard enough to keep Oklahoma's offense out of the end zone but when given a short field you almost have no chance.

Oklahoma - 12:17
Okla kicked off, touchback
Nebraska - 12:17

1st-10, Neb20

14-0 OU

12:17 D. Franks intercepted J. Ganz for 18 yard touchdown

Oklahoma’s defense started out showing run blitz which caused Joe Ganz to check into the screen pass. However, Dominique Franks wasn’t coming on the blitz he was waiting to get a jump on the short pass.

Oklahoma - 12:11
Okla kicked off, no return
Nebraska - 12:11
1st-10, Neb40 12:11 M. Lucky rushed up the middle for 4 yard gain
2nd-6, Neb44 11:41 J. Ganz passed to D. Young down the middle for 10 yard gain. D. Young fumbled. A. English recovered fumble

A kickoff out of bounds is unacceptable at any point of a football game but when you’ve given up the amount of return yards that Oklahoma has maybe it isn’t the worst thing that can happen.

At this point Nebraska has three offensive plays that have resulted in 10 total yards and two turnovers.

Oklahoma - 11:26
1st-10, Okla48 11:26 S. Bradford passed to Q. Chaney to the right for 6 yard gain
2nd-4, Neb46 11:26 J. Iglesias rushed to the left for 8 yard gain. Okla committed 10 yard penalty

2nd-6, Neb48

21-0 OU

10:53 S. Bradford passed to Q. Chaney down the middle for 48 yard touchdown. J. Stevens made PAT

Sam Bradford had a defender in his face and threw a perfect pass to Chaney under pressure. Quentin Chaney has finally turned into the consistent possession receiver we’ve been expecting to see the last four years.

Oklahoma - 10:31
Okla kicked off, N. Paul returned kickoff for 13 yards
Nebraska - 10:24
1st-10, Neb16 10:24 M. Lucky rushed up the middle for 3 yard gain
2nd-7, Neb19 10:14 L. Holmes intercepted J. Ganz for 24 yards

Can we finally give the Oklahoma defense some credit? They forced three turnovers on Nebraska’s first five offensive plays. I hear a lot of criticism about shortcomings but not much praise for a performance like this one.

Oklahoma - 9:32

1st-10, Neb9

28-0 OU

9:32 S. Bradford passed to J. Gresham down the middle for 9 yard touchdown. J. Stevens made PAT

Now we’ve reached ridiculous. I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this.