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Big 12 Buzz Bedlam Edition

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Texas Longhorns

As expected, Texas gave Texas A&M a beat down on Thanksgiving and while the Longhorns are patting themselves on the back for their 40 point thrashing (We won’t post a score because the Longhorns are only focused on one score) of the Aggies let me throw out a little reality. A&M Ranks last in the conference in scoring defense as well as in rushing defense. They are also last in the Big 12 in rushing offense and 11th in scoring offense and total offensive yards per game. Of course those stats are going to be lost by the Texas hype machine along with the 39-33 score. What we are going to hear instead is how dominating the performance was and how the Longhorns looked like a championship team. The Longhorns are a championship caliber team but 4-7 Baylor looked good against them as well.  


Texas Tech Red Raiders

OU holds the tie breaker over Tech who holds the tie breaker over Texas who in turn holds the tie breaker over Oklahoma. The Sooners need a Red Raider victory the Baylor Bears to preserve the three-way tie because in spite of what you may have read on other sites a three way tie is settled by the entire body of work and not just a single game. In short if the Red Raiders win on Saturday Oklahoma still has a fighting chance. Should Tech lose then the Longhorns are off to Kansas City.


Oklahoma Sooners

It’s a sad position to be in but the Sooners still need help. They got absolutely nothing from Texas A&M but could benefit from a Kansas win over Missouri in addition to the aforementioned help from the Red Raiders.


Because of the margin of the Longhorns victory over A&M Oklahoma can’t just simply beat Oklahoma State anymore. I am fully confident that Mack Brown is going to lobby for and be granted air time during the Bedlam game which means that Oklahoma must drown out his message with their play on the field. That means style points are going to come in to play once again. Oklahoma needs to win and win comfortably.


Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska’s 40-31 win over Colorado gives them an 8-4 record for the season and could find them ranked in the Top 25 by the coaches. Either way it helps OU’s cause in the computers.


Non-Conference Games Of Interest

Pittsburgh 19, West Virginia 15 – This guarantees that Cincinnati will win the Big East regardless of what happens with their game against Syracuse. Obviously a Bearcats victory only bolsters Oklahoma’s cause but the fact remains that the Sooners have a blowout win over the Big East Champions.


Houston at Rice – We need to be Cougars fans because a trip to the Conference USA Championship Game is on the line. Texas owns a victory over Rice and an Owls win could wind up giving the Longhorns a victory over a conference champion as well.


Florida at Florida StateA Seminoles win here would really complicate things in the BCS.


Auburn at AlabamaAgain the BCS could become a real mess with a Tigers win.