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The Tragic Comedy Of The BCS

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Reading through the comments on various fan sites (including this one) is much like suffering through a Will Ferrell movie. You get a bunch of stupidity and very little substenance. The BCS argument won’t be settled because it just can’t be. The situation that OU, Texas Tech and Texas are in is so illogical that that the college football world just can’t wrap their heads around it and make it make any sense.

Don’t get me wrong. Many fans have left some quality posts and made some outstanding arguments. It’s that most of them are invalid because they ignore the facts. Some of it is out of pride and some of it is out of ignorance but it seems that every fan has a strong opinion about where their team should be come next weekend as well as on January 8th. As I read through the posts and comments around the web I can’t help but laugh at some of the logic out there as fans lobby for their teams. There needs to be some guidelines established though for the campaigns. Here are a few suggestions:

* Any argument that tosses Texas Tech out the window should be deemed null-and-void. As long as the three teams all have the same record Texas Tech is a major player in this deal. Yes, it is convenient for Oklahoma fans to have them in there because the Sooners can’t stand on their own. Yes, it is convenient for Texas fans to put the Red Raiders out to pasture because it causes the Sooner argument to collapse. Neither one of those should be reasons for the Red Raiders to be included or excluded for that matter. Tech is in there because they earned their way in and you can’t make an argument otherwise.

* Any argument that uses a head-to-head approach must also include how damaging their own loss is to their cause. Had Oklahoma not lost to the Longhorns they would be the #1 team in the country right now. Texas could also be the #1 team in the country had they not lost to Tech and the Red Raiders could still be the nation’s #2 team had they not lost to Oklahoma.

A head-to-head comparison only becomes valid when the race is between two teams. It is the simplest of all the solutions but it just doesn’t apply at this time. B.O.N. has a post about how the Longhorns loss wasn’t as bad as Oklahoma’s. It doesn’t matter if you lost on the very last play of the game, if you couldn’t close the door in the 4th quarter or if the game was over by halftime it is represented equally in the loss column with a 1. Before the BONers take their 45-35 Campaign too far they need to stop and consider another score, 39-33. Putting on your Ray Ban Sunglasses doesn’t mean that they black eye is gone.

*Any argument that focuses on “the hot team” should be immediately discredited. These three teams are a combined 30-3. They are all the hot teams! This damages Oklahoma’s argument more than anything else but I also feel that it is as irrelevant as the, “Texas Tech shouldn’t be included because…” argument. All three teams are hot and have represented the Big 12 South extremely well. They should all three be commended for their play.

So how do we decide who should go to Kansas City by following those rules of argument. We don’t! That is what is so comical about this whole ordeal. We, the fans, have no voice in this BCS mess. It will be the coaches, the Harris Poll and the computers who will ultimately make that decision. There is no amount of lobbying that will change that either. Sunday night two teams are going to get hosed in the eyes of their fans. That is the tragic part of this ordeal. The comical part is that we all actually think that we know what we are talking about. You think opinions are strong now? Just wait until Sunday night!