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Big 12 South Is Still A Three Team Race

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Don’t buy into the propaganda coming out of the Texas Longhorns camp because that is all that it really is. The Big 12 South race is still a three horse race. Don’t believe me? Find me a Longhorn who is cheering for Oklahoma State this weekend. There isn’t one out there because Texas Tech is playing Baylor on Saturday and should the Sooners lose in Stillwater it would be the Red Raiders and not Texas who travels to Kansas City to take on Missouri.


I understand what the Longhorn fans are trying to do. I really do! By making the focus only on Texas and Oklahoma they are snubbing Texas Tech and thus getting a pass for their loss. The reality of the situation is that you just can’t do that. All three teams have a dog in this fight as they all stand currently at 10-1. Tech has a better claim for a trip to Kansas City than the Longhorns do. Texas has a better claim than Oklahoma and the Sooners have a better claim than Tech. It is a vicious cycle but it is a cycle and like it or not all three schools have an equal claim to the Big 12 South Championship.


From here on out it becomes a political game and if all three teams win this week then the head coach who is the best spin doctor may get the nudge. The Texas fans, however, seem to already be on the offensive by trying to quietly put Texas Tech away and pretend that for some reason the Red Raiders don’t exist and their loss never happened. However, the Longhorns are in a tough spot because they need a three way tie just as bad as Oklahoma does. That is why they’ll be cheering for a Tech loss or a Sooner win just like OU fans are cheering for a Longhorn loss or a Tech win. It is a crazy scenario in which these three teams actually need each other.


The more Texas fans try to paint the Red Raiders as a fraud the more they hurt their own case because that is the team that they lost to. My advice to the Longhorns is to take the high road and just let the powers that be settle it. The more you try to demoralize Tech the more you look like you’ve got something to hide. No amount of propaganda is going to make that mark in the loss column go away. It is there for the entire world to see and it can’t be covered up. After all it is the size of Texas!