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Oklahoma Bursts Texas Tech’s Bubble

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That picture pretty much says it all. Why, all of a sudden, are the talking heads acting like Texas Tech hadn’t done any thing this year and omitting the fact that this team beat Texas just a few weeks ago? If Texas Tech is as over-rated as the “experts” are making them out to be then wouldn’t that make the loss by Texas even worse?


There is a whole lot about this game that we need to break down but it is going to have to wait until Sunday evening. Until then, here are some questions to ponder.


  • Which is more impressive, Oklahoma’s win over Texas Tech or Florida’s win over Citadel?
  • Can we now say without any doubt that Sam Bradford is the best quarterback in the Big 12?
  • Is it possible to cut Brent Venables some slack now?
  • If you can’t rank Oklahoma ahead of Texas because of the Longhorns win in the Cotton Bowl then how can you rank the Longhorns ahead of Texas Tech?