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Texas Tech At Oklahoma Football Game Thread

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Location: Norman  

Kickoff Time: 2:30

Television: ABC

Total Average Offense Yards (Rank)

Texas Tech 566.3 (2nd), Oklahoma 549.8 (4th)

Average Points Scored (Rank)

Texas Tech 47.9 (3rd), Oklahoma 51.4 (1st)

Average Yards Allowed (Rank)

 Texas Tech 351.4 (60th), Oklahoma 345.6 (55th)

Average Points Allowed (Rank)

 Texas Tech 22.2 (46th), Oklahoma 23.6 (57th)


I’m not sure what else we can say about this game. It is an elimination game for the Sooners. If they win they are still in the hunt for the Big 12 and BCS Championships. If they lose then all hope of a championship season is gone.


Official Machine Prediction: 38-35 Oklahoma – Boomer Sooner!!!