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Talkin’ Texas Tech Part II

After doing a small segment on College Football Weekly about the OU/Texas Tech game tomorrow night we decided to take the next step and get a Red Raider to share their opinions. I’d like to introduce you to Seth from the Texas Tech fan site Double-T Nation. Seth is taking the trip to Norman Saturday and was more than kind enough to share his thoughts with us on the game.

CC Machine: The two most explosive offenses in the country will be on the same field Saturday night. Is there any way that you can see this game staying in the 20's point wise?

Seth: In the 20's no, but I don't see either team getting to 50 points either.  It just seems that both teams struggle just enough on defense that the offenses will be able to take advantage of the defenses' mistakes.  Again, I think the Texas Tech defense is improved, but I don't think that they're perfect and Sam Bradford is too good, as well as all of the receivers, not to take advantage of any mistake.

CC Machine: Which defense faces the toughest challenge Saturday night, OU or Tech?

Seth: Great question.  I think I get skewered if I say that the Texas Tech defense doesn't have the toughest task because that's admitting that Texas Tech doesn't have the best offense.  In any event, I think Texas Tech has the tougher task, not only because OU has a more diverse offense, but as I mentioned yesterday, I think that OU is committed to the run, which is strange to say considering that OSU didn't run as much as I expected.  But I have no doubt that OU will run and run and run and it's been since Nevada in non-conference play, that Texas Tech had to stop a team that focused so much on the run.

CC Machine: Do you feel that the Heisman Trophy will be won or lost Saturday night for either Graham Harrell or Sam Bradford?

Seth: It's certainly very probable.  I've thought that the Heisman Trophy favors the best team with the best player, not necessarily the best player.  Both Harrell and Bradford deserve to win, their statistics are comparable, and they both lead excellent teams.  I've tried very hard not to be concerned with the Heisman Trophy all year, and I think if anyone from Texas Tech were to win it, I think it would be a tremendous honor, but it would be because that Texas Tech has had a tremendous season.

CC Machine: Should the Red Raiders lose this game and finish the season 11-1 would you consider it a huge disappointment or does the record and a legitimate chance to appear in a BCS bowl sooth the pain of a loss?

Seth: I think it would be very unfair of me to be disappointed in this year's team, as much as I'd love to win on Saturday.  This team doesn't deserve to be saddled with the stereotypes of previous years.  Thus far, there hasn't been the bad loss to an inferior team, Texas Tech has risen to the occassion against 3 ranked opponents in 3 connesecutive games.  That's quite a bit to be happy about.  If Texas Tech loses on Saturday night, I'll be disappointed in the outcome, but I won't be disappointed in the season.

CC Machine: Personal Note: You'll be in attendance at the game Saturday night but aside from the game, what are you most looking forward to about your trip to Norman?

Seth: I've only been to Oklahoma City (went to law school in Tulsa) and never stopped in Norman.  I always enjoy seeing other schools' campuses, and I'm looking forward to getting a general scope of the campus and the stadium.

CC Machine: Score prediction. Tell us how you see it going down Saturday night.
Seth: I'll take Texas Tech 45-42.  I think it's natural for fans of each team to pick their team in this instance, it's just so close to call.  There's plenty of reasons why a Texas Tech fan could envision why they'll beat Oklahoma and vice versa.  Both fanbases are justified in thinking that their team will win.  I see both teams keeping it close all game, with neither team getting ahead of the other by more than a touchdown.  I'm really looking forward to a great game and hoping that Texas Tech will make it happen in the end.