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Stephen Curry Is A Baller! Sooners Survive Davidson 82-78

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Curry Dropped 44 points on the Sooners in a losing effort

Oklahoma has advanced to the semi final round of the NIT with a four point win over the Davidson Wildcats but unlike the first two games of the season this one didn’t come easy. The Sooners seemed to be in control after a 23-4 run but Stephen Curry battled his team back before finally succumbing 82-78.


Why Oklahoma Won

  • Star Power – Curry was best player on the floor tonight but the combination of Willie Warren and Blake Griffin trumped him. Both of them have more physical ability than Curry but Curry’s experience paid huge dividends as he constantly created space and used speed to get open for a shot.
    It took both Griffin and Warren to overcome the damage that Curry caused but their combined 45 points were just enough.

  • Rebounding – Oklahoma dominated on the boards by a 41-26 margin.


  • Free Throws – The Sooners had 31 opportunities from the charity stripe and converted 26 of them into points.

What Could Have Cost Oklahoma The Game

  • Turnovers – Oklahoma gave the ball away 16 times as opposed to Davidson’s 5. The Sooners have to get better in this area.


  • Steals – Davidson stole the ball 7 times from the Sooners.

Update: UAB upset Arizona 72-71 and will face the Sooners in the next round.