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To The Victor Goes The Spoils

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Make no mistake about it. Saturday night is an elimination game for the Oklahoma Sooners. If Oklahoma wins then they have a great shot at making the Big 12 championship game and a possible BCS championship birth. If they lose then Cotton Bowl here we come! However, that isnt’t all that will be on the line Saturday night in Norman. The coveted Heisman Trophy could be won or lost as well. Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford are two of the best quarterbacks in the country and the winner on the field will have a leg up when it comes to bringing home hardware from New York City.

Player Completions Attempts TD’s INT’s Rating
Sam Bradford 224 330 38 6 188.9
Graham Harrell 332 463 36 5 169.2
Colt McCoy 268 347 30 7 177.6

Then there is Colt McCoy of Texas who has done more with less than quite possibly any other quaterback in the country. He doesn’t have a Michael Crabtree like Graham Harrell does nor a Manny Johnson at his disposal like Bradford. What he does have is the Big 12’s fourth higest scoring offense and a 10-1 record in a year that was supposed to be a rebuilding project for the Longhorns.

None of the three schools would trade their quarterback for one of these others because they are all perfect for what what their offenses do. They all three deserve a trip to New York for the presentation but only one of them can take home the trophy. The safe bet is that it will go to the one who leads his team to the conference championship. As if there already wasn’t enough pressure on this game already.



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