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Big 12 Game Of The Week

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Texas can save us a lot of fretting if they would just lose to Kansas today but I wouldn’t bet on that happening. However, it doesn’t mean that I won’t cheer or hope for it. A Texas loss in Lawrence would put the Sooners in control of their own destiny once more. I just don’t see Kansas having the firepower to match-up with Texas. The Jayhawks average 34.5 points per game but that is just a little off the pace from the Longhorns 44.3.


The thing to watch here is going to be the Longhorns play on the offensive line. Due to an injury and some racism the Longhorns find themselves playing their third string center against Kansas. If the Jayhawks can find a way to exploit that then things could get interesting.


Big 12 Football Schedule


11:30 – Texas at Kansas

  2:30 – Nebraska at Kansas State

  3:00 – Texas A&M at Baylor

  5:30 – Missouri at Iowa State

  7:00 – OSU at Colorado


Nationally I’m interested in seeing Steve Spurrier’s return to the swamp. South Carolina shouldn’t be able to give the Gators a game but then again Mississippi shouldn’t have either. Then there’s Notre Dame and Navy. This game will be interesting just because when you think that the Irish are improving they drop another game in the tank. We also have to keep a watchful eye on Mississippi State/Alabama. Not because we actually think that the Bulldogs can win but because, just like the Kansas game, we can hope. 

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