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Big 12 Champion Should Play For BCS Championship As Long As It Isn’t Missouri

Oklahoma is off this weekend and next week will provide plenty of time for us to preview the Texas Tech game. However, we still have the need to talk football and what better person to talk with than ESPN’s Bruce Feldman.  

Bruce Feldman is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine and is one of the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to college football and he’s also no stranger to Crimson and Cream Machine. Thanks again, Bruce, for taking the time to visit with us!

CC Machine: Give us your opinion on the BCS Championship race. Who are the legitimate contenders and who is on the outside looking in?

Feldman: Obviously Texas Tech and Alabama are in great shape if they win out. I also think Florida controls its own destiny because they could beat top ranked Alabama in the SEC title game and move into the top two.. After that I'd put OU and Texas and maybe Texas Tech in there although losing this late would be really bad I think in many voters eyes. USC is back a notch after that group because they just haven't beaten many very good teams.

CC Machine: Oklahoma can cause a lot of trouble in both the Big 12 South and BCS races with a win over Texas Tech on the 22nd. Share some of your thoughts on the Big 12 Championship race and the quality of quarterback play coming from the top schools in the south.

Feldman: I think the Big 12 has surpassed the SEC this season because you have so many great, experienced quarterbacks in the Big 12. Obviously it’s a three team race in the south. I think Texas Tech has surprised a lot of people because they're much improved on both lines.

CC Machine: What has been the biggest surprise of the 2008 college football season to you so far?

Feldman: I’m stunned at how much better the Mountain West Conference has done compared to a lot of BCS conferences especially the Pac-10. Also surprised at how awful Tennessee has been and honestly I'm surprised at how great Colt McCoy has played this year. He doesn't really have a star studded cast around him on offense and he's been banged up some.

CC Machine: Coaching Carousel: We’ve already seen a few coaches step down at big name programs but what is a coaching move yet to happen (resignation/new hire) that may shock us?

Feldman: Tommy Tuberville despite beating Alabama 6 times in a row and winning a lot of other big games might get forced out at Auburn.

CC Machine: Is it pretty cut and dry (in your opinion) that the Big 12 and SEC Champions should meet in Miami for the BCS Championship, even if one or both of them have one loss?

Feldman: It is now that Penn State is out of the way.. That solved a few headaches because they really had beaten once good team (Ohio State). That said if Florida State beats Florida and then Florida beats Alabama I think USC might face the big 12 champ.. Assuming it’s not Missouri.