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Ranking The Big 12

With just a few weeks left in the football season there is still a toss up as to who is the best team in the conference. With Texas Tech’s blowout victory over Oklahoma State the race has been whittled down to the Red Raiders, Longhorns and Sooners. With each passing week it becomes more and more likely that the unique scenario of a three way tie will happen. Keep in mind that outside of a Longhorn loss to either Kansas or Texas A&M the tie is Oklahoma’s best chance to get to Kansas City. So, how does the rest of the conference shake out? Here’s how I would stack them at this point.

Team Record Conference
Texas Tech 10-0 6-0
Texas 9-1 5-1
Oklahoma 9-1 5-1
Oklahoma State 8-2 4-2
Missouri 8-2 4-2
Nebraska 6-4 3-3
Kansas 6-4 3-3
Texas A&M 4-6 2-4
Colorado 5-5 2-4
Kansas State 4-6 1-5
Baylor 3-7 1-5
Iowa State 2-8 0-6