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OU/Nebraska – Rivalry Renewed?

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I grew up during the late `70’s and early `80’s so Thanksgiving for my family meant OU/Nebraska football. The earliest game that I can remember is the Orange Bowl following the 1978 season. OU/Nebraska was a rivalry that was only paralleled by OU/Texas and many times even exceeded the greatness of the Red River Shootout.


For decades the Big 8 Championship was won or lost on Thanksgiving weekend with the OU/Nebraska rivalry. Then came the formation of the Big 12 conference and news that the rivalry would take a two year break in the rotation meaning that Oklahoma would only travel to Lincoln and vise-versa once every four years. We haven’t seen the Huskers in Norman since Bill Callahan called us a bunch of flippin hillbillies back in 2004. Can a rivalry survive that?


Was it a rivalry in 2000 when Oklahoma pasted the then #1 ranked Huskers 31-14 in Norman? It sure seemed like it to me! Oklahoma hadn’t had a win over Nebraska since 1990 and I remember a pepper spray/mace incident as the goal posts were coming down after the game. Who else have we torn down the goal posts for? Was it a rival in 2006 when Paul Thompson led the Sooners to an improbable Big 12 championship with a 21-7 win over Nebraska in Kansas City? It sure seemed like it as for the first time in 15 years an OU/Nebraska game would determine a conference championship.


How do you feel about the OU/Nebraska game? Is it a rivalry of the past that has been surpassed by OU/Texas or OU/OSU? Some would even argue that Texas Tech has become more of a rival than Nebraska. Sound off and let us know how you feel on the subject.