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Sooner Quotes On The Cornhuskers

As Oklahoma prepares for Nebraska to come to Norman on Saturday Bob Stoops met with the media on Tuesday to rehash the Kansas State game and discuss the Cornhuskers. It has been a long time since we’ve seen a first half as crazy as the one in Manhattan on Saturday. Oklahoma both capitalized and was victimized by big plays in the first half but Stoops said that it was the second half where he really wished the team would have played better.

“As always, going back over last week’s game with Kansas State, It was a good win. Going on the road again and being able to win a good game is great. I thought the first half was a half of a lot of big plays. Defensively, we gave up some big plays that we don’t like to give up, but on the other side we did come up with five turnovers on the day. Offensively, we really took advantage of them in the first half. To score 55 points in the first half, you have to be doing something good. We were equally effective both run and pass (in the game), but especially in the first half to get the lead that we did. I would have liked us to play the second half a little bit better. Although we were working the clock, I would have liked to see us move the ball better than we did. Give Kansas State credit though, they played well in a lot of areas."

For so many years we saw the Big 8 championships settled by the OU/Nebraska game and as great as the Big 12 has been for Oklahoma one of the drawbacks is the time this series takes off every two years. Coach Stoops talked about how the rivalry has changed.

“I think that it’s different. There is no denying that. Being in separate divisions and having a couple of years off, changes it to some degree. You know, with the Big 8 and playing all those games so often after Thanksgiving to decide who is going to be the Big 8 Champion. It has changed to some degree but there is still no doubt it is still exciting.”

After drawing criticism from many Sooner fans for not running as hard as they thought that he should have at times this season, Bob Stoops was sure to mention DeMarco Murray’s improvement the last couple of weeks.

“He has more confidence putting his foot in the ground and making the sudden cuts that most guys don’t even think about. And maybe he was thinking about them before, but he seems to be more comfortable making those cuts than he has before, and running harder.”

He also had good things to say about Nebraska’s offense.

“They don’t motion quite as much as they have done in the past but you see more of a mix because they run the football and play-action pass. They mix it up and do a good job of it. Their quarterback Joe Ganz is doing an excellent job."

Player Quotes

“From playing quarterback in high school, I knew that I had a ways to go with learning the linebacker position. With our defense, there aren’t too many differences between middle linebacker and weak-side. I feel like I know what I am doing the more I play.”  - Austin Box on playing middle linebacker


“I think, growing up in the state, you knew about the battle of the Big Reds. Probably, the game I remember the most, was the year we won the national championship. I was playing a hockey game so I wasn’t able to come to the game. I remember the first thing after my game was over, I skated over to the glass and I asked my dad if we won, and he said that we did. I know this is a big rivalry for a lot of people going way back. It’s probably the biggest game of the season for both teams.” - Sam Bradford on the OU/Nebraska Rivalry

“The whole punt return team is working really hard to get some things worked out. We have great athletes, great blockers and the whole line, so we’re looking forward to what’s to come next. It’s always just one or two blocks away. We know we have to come prepared and we have to get some things done on special teams.
“Coach Wilson says everyday that we’re not playing to our best potential, but we’re still a great team. We’re coming in every week to get prepared for what’s to come, so we try to improve and get ready for the next week.” - Ryan Broyles on the punt return team

“Nebraska throws the ball, but I think we will give them a lot of pressure because everybody is taking things way more seriously after Saturday. In practice everyone was so focused and keyed in, so I think we will definitely have a better defensive game for Nebraska.” - Frank Alexander on the Nebraska offense