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Oklahoma at Kansas State Football Game Thread

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Ou_medium Kansas_st_medium

Location: Manhattan, Kansas  

Kickoff Time: 11:30 a.m. (Central)

Television: FSN

Total Average Offense Yards (Rank)

 Oklahoma 544.14 (4th), Kansas State 408.43 (34th)

Average Points Scored (Rank)

Oklahoma 46.86 (3rd),

Kansas State 39 (13th)

Average Yards Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 315.71 (34th), Kansas State 429.29 (105th)

Average Points Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 20.71 (42nd), Kansas State 27.57 (81st)


Oklahoma is on the road which means that I’ll be here on the game thread today. Hopefully you’ll be here with me. Every game is huge for the Sooners because one more loss and we know for sure that they’re done. This is the best team that Oklahoma has played on the road so far and even though Josh Freeman has only thrown one touchdown in the month of October we can’t expect a cakewalk.

I’m curious to see if Austin Box really does start at middle linebacker and if Manny Johnson is going to play. I would almost rather see Johnson sit this week to give his elbow another week of rest and healing. I really don’t know what to say about the middle linebacker situation. There has to be an answer there, we just haven’t seen it. How knows, maybe today!  

Official Machine Prediction: 37 -28 OU

Post your comments before, during and after the game here. Boomer Sooner!!!