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Big 12 Game Of The Week: Oklahoma State At Texas (It Doesn’t Matter Who We Cheer For!)

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For the third week in a row the Texas Longhorns are in the spotlight with the game of the week. I’m still growing in amazement about where this Texas team came from (let’s be honest, no one had them on their radar) and am even starting to appreciate their tenacity. To be frank they remind me more and more each week of the 2000 Sooners. So should we cheer for them this weekend? It really doesn’t matter.


There are a couple of different scenarios for Oklahoma to still make an appearance in the BCS Championship game. Some include Texas losing and some with Texas winning. However, they all include Oklahoma winning out. Should Oklahoma State find a way to beat Texas then the Sooners would need the Longhorns to either drop another game or Oklahoma State to go undefeated until Bedlam forcing a three way tie between OSU, Texas and Oklahoma with each having only one loss. Obviously if Texas drops another game, giving them two losses, then OU would once again control its own destiny, like in 2006. Should the three way tie scenario play out then the highest ranked BCS team would go to the conference championship game.


The scenarios go on and on. With Oklahoma being ranked #4 in the BCS, Texas could go to the conference championship game and lose which could put OU in the BCS Championship. Then there is the possibility to that Texas could win the Big 12 and face Oklahoma for a Red River Rematch in Miami. The point is the only thing that Oklahoma can control right now is their own schedule. Either way the game winds up it’ll fit into one of the scenarios mentioned above and it won’t mean beans if Oklahoma doesn’t win out. So just sit back and enjoy what should be a great game.


Big 12 Schedule


11:00   Texas Tech at Kansas

11:30   Oklahoma at Kansas State

11:30   Baylor at Nebraska

  2:30   Oklahoma State at Texas

  5:30   Colorado at Missouri

  6:00   Texas A&M at Iowa State


On a national level I’m interested to see how the Georgia/LSU and Penn State/Ohio State games play out. Both games should be fun to watch and will have an impact on the Top 10. Which games are you tuning into this weekend?