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Bob Stoops On The Kansas State Wildcats

Oklahoma’s focus has shifted on the Kansas State Wildcats. Bob Stoops met with members of the media on Tuesday to rehash the Kansas game and discuss this weekend’s trip to Manhattan.


The talk of the week has been Oklahoma’s defense which surrendered a ton of yards to the Jayhawks and has many Sooner fans up in arms. Coach Stoops pointed out that the defense did some positive things as well.


“Defensively, I thought we were a little inconsistent overall. We gave up some big plays that we really haven’t given up all year, but the encouraging part is that out of the first seven possessions of the first half, we forced them to punt six times. We were able to separate ourselves and get a good strong lead.”


Then there is the issue of middle linebacker. Most of us were aware that Nic Harris was in the running to move into that spot and after seeing him get the start we were anxious to hear how Stoops felt about his performance as well as the future of that position.


“He did well. There were some things that I thought we could have been better at. We will get better at that. Nic will continue to work in there some, but there are other guys that we feel after practice yesterday and last week are coming along in a better way. That is something that we are working towards.”


According to Coach Stoops it isn’t just the linebackers who have some work to do, the entire defensive unit hasn’t lived up to expectations.


“We are not at the level we are used to, so we expect more. But if you look at us compared to everyone else in the league, we are probably toward the top of everything. We want more. We don’t expect to give up a big play in the ways we gave them up. Now, we know that it’s going to happen sometimes. There were a couple of instances from Saturday that we haven’t done all year. That’s why I’m not alarmed, because I know what we can do. Some of it has looked really good, and others have needed to be better at times, at least by our standards.
“Some numbers are going to be skewed this year, as fast as our offense is snapping the ball and as fast as we are scoring, the other offense is going to get some opportunities. So that is going to change things a little bit from what we are used to. I mean we used to have eight minute drives that eat up most of the third quarter and they get one possession in that quarter. Those things aren’t happening as much, and that is okay, as long as we are scoring and being as productive as we have been. I am aware that things are a little different, and I’m willing, in some degree, to work with it that way.”


Earlier in the year we made fun of Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman for proclaiming himself as the best quarterback in the Big 12. All fun aside Freeman is an elusive quarterback who has the potential to threaten Oklahoma’s defense and Stoops was sure to acknowledge that.

“Josh certainly can run, but I don’t see that as being their main focus. He has such a great arm and they have such precision throwing the football that I think they are trying to throw the football more than anything. He runs in some situations, and being a big guy with good speed it works, but I see that they are more interested in throwing it more than anything. As a good quarterback though, he can pull it down when he needs to and scramble, and when he does, he does a good job.”


Of course Oklahoma’s quarterback isn’t too shabby either. Coach Stoops was asked if Sam Bradford was a Heisman Trophy contender.


“I don’t know how he could not be one. I know it’s what are you doing now, but look at what he did as a freshman. You look at his numbers compared to everyone else that was in that category, his numbers were every bit as good if not better than some. This year they are as well. He just continues to be so consistent and so efficient and making good plays. He’s making tough plays as well. Those other guys are awfully good as well. I think as much as anything, he should be considered with those guys. There are so many games left. I think whoever continues to play well should be there in the end.”