If it's on your mind, this is your chance to ask Bring On The Cats, the Kansas State Wildcats blog on SB Nation

Sooner fans, it is with absolute dread that I look at the calendar and realize my beloved K-State Wildcats will be forced to match their football team with OU's this Saturday.  Good ol' CCMachine asked me if I would be so kind as to start a post offering to answer any questions you may have about K-State, and because I like to hear myself speak or, in this case, read what I wrote, I obliged.  He has done, or will do shortly, the same over at Bring On The Cats, so you can go over there to see what our fans want to know about OU.

With that lengthy intro out of the way, throw some questions at me in the comments.  With any luck, my cowriters Panjandrum and EMAW will be able to join in the discussion, because they are infinitely funnier and more insightful than I am.

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