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Big 12 Game Of The Week: Missouri At Texas

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How about the rise to prominence the Texas Longhorns have experienced the last week? They went from being a potentially over ranked team the week before the Red River Shootout (I refuse to give into societies demand to change it to Rivalry) to being the consensus #1 team in the country. Now with Missouri on the ropes the Longhorns must defend their top ranking in Austin tomorrow night.


Missouri scores and average of 48.3 points per game but had some breakdowns last week against Oklahoma State. Texas just behind at 46.8 points per game and showed last week in the Cotton Bowl that their offense is the real deal. Defensively the Longhorns only allow opponents to score an average of 15.3 points per game and even though Oklahoma scored 35 against them last week they are still ahead of Missouri’s 21.3 points allowed per game.


Then again we’ve seen almost every weekend this college football season that the best team on paper doesn’t always win. The drama behind this game is the possibility of Texas letdown after playing Oklahoma last week and Missouri trying to stay staying in the BCS Championship hunt after losing to Oklahoma State last weekend.    


Saturday’s Big 12 Football Schedule

11:00   Texas Tech at Texas A&M

11:30   Nebraska at Iowa State

  2:00   Baylor at Oklahoma State

  2:30   Kansas at Oklahoma

  6:00   Kansas State at Colorado

  7:00   Missouri at Texas


From a national perspective I have some interest in Vanderbilt at Georgia (11:30), Ohio State at Michigan State (2:30) and LSU at South Carolina (7:00). Other than Oklahoma/Kansas what are you tuning in to?