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Sooners Finish 8th in Final Poll

Go back to the first weekend in September when we were all uncertain of what to expect from Oklahoma's football season. If I were to come up to you before the OU/North Texas game and said that I could guarantee you right now that this team would end a two year drought in the Red River Rivalry by beating Texas 28-21, would blowout Oklahoma State once again in the Bedlam game and would beat the #1 team in the country in the Big 12 Championship game would you take it? I would in a heartbeat!

In hindsight, for a "reloading season" the Sooners didn't fare that bad. The reason for the disappointment among Sooner fans is the possibilities of what could have been. OU was two bad halves of football away from playing for the BCS championship. Sure, their season ended in a train wreck of a game at the Fiesta Bowl but that shouldn't take away from the fact that 2007 was a really good football season for Oklahoma and a very solid foundation has been laid for 2007.

Final AP Top 25 Poll

1.    LSU (60)
2.    Georgia (3)
3.    USC (1)
4.    Missouri
5.    Ohio State
6.    West Virginia
7.    Kansas (1)
8.    Oklahoma
9.    Virginia Tech
10.    Boston College
10.    Texas
12.    Tennessee
13.    Florida
14.    Brigham Young
15.    Auburn
16.    Arizona State
17.    Cincinnati
18.    Michigan
19.    Hawaii
20.    Illinois
21.    Clemson
22.    Texas Tech
23.    Oregon
24.    Wisconsin
25.    Oregon State