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We Must Protect this Couch! (Fiesta Bowl Game Thread)

I'm tired of talking about Boise State. I'm tired of the talk that USC deserves to be #1 because they beat a team in the Rose Bowl that would have finished 6th in the Big 12. I'm ready to talk about the Sooners and the Mountaineers.

There is a lot on the line tonight for Oklahoma. A win would allow them to finish the season as the 2nd or 3rd ranked team in the nation and an impressive win could split the national championship.

This is the biggest game for the Sooners since the Orange Bowl following the 2004 season. Here's to hoping that Big Game Bob makes a comeback tonight.

If Sooner fans get their way there will be no couch burning tonight.

We'll be here all night posting our comments on the game so feel free to join us to leave your own comments before, during and after the game.

Malcolm Kelly was on the field, in pads, warming up just a little while ago. Hopefully that is a sign that he's healthy enough to play.