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Reggie Smith Expected to Declare For NFL Draft, Lofton Still Considering

Tomorrow is the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NFL draft and the latest word that I've received is that cornerback Reggie Smith is expected to declare and linebacker Curtis Lofton is still toying with the idea.

As stated previously all of the offensive linemen are expected to return so the key losses for the offense, at this point, are Joe Jon Finley, Malcolm Kelly, and Allen Patrick.

If Reggie Smith and Curtis Lofton were to got it would decimate the Sooners defense that is already losing Lewis Baker, Steven Coleman, Alonzo Dotson, Demarrio Pleasant, Marcus Walker, Darien Williams, John Williams and DJ Wolfe.

If there were any way to keep just one of these underclassmen I would put all my eggs in the Curtis Lofton basket. With the lack of depth at linebacker OU desperately needs him back in 08.

UPDATE: Curtis Lofton has declared and is leaving Oklahoma to enter the NFL draft. I don't think I need to rehash how strong of a blow this is to Oklahoma's defense.