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Sooner Nation 1-10-08 Rebroadcast: Malcolm Kelly Bolts to the NFL/Keith Clark Leaves School

Between the football and the basketball teams Oklahoma lost two athletes on Monday. Malcolm Kelly has decided to pursue the greener pastures of the NFL and academic troubles have resulted in Keith Clark leaving school. How will both of these affect their respective teams? You'll have to listen to the podcast.

Other topics we discussed on the show:
Is there a legitimate need for a playoff in division I football?
OU/Kansas State Basketball
NFL Playoffs
Pete Carroll to the Atlanta Falcons
The way I would rank the top 10 at the end of the football season

We ended the show with a conversation with Jon from the Nebraska fan site CornNation in which we discussed everything from new football head coach Bo Pelini to basketball and even college baseball. Thanks to everyone who listened and participated and to those of you listening to the rebroadcast just click the play button and enjoy the podcast!