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Sooner Quotes on the West Virginia Mountaineers

The Oklahoma Sooners are hours away from the 2007 football season finale against the West Virginia Mountaineers and as things wind down towards the Fiesta Bowl kickoff the players and coaches seem more than ready to take the field and erase the memories of how the season ended last year. Here's a look at some of what the defensive and offensive players are saying about the Mountaineers.

West Virginia has more skill across the board than what we've seen. Starting with the quarterback. When I say more skilled, I mean faster and more explosive with game changers at the skill positions than what we've seen throughout the year. - Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables on West Virginia's offense

What happened last year is last year. It's a whole different year and whole different team. It's seems like every time there is something on about college games they always show Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. I'm getting tired of seeing that. I can't wait to play this game and get rid of that memory. It's not about our comeback. It's about who wins the game. They won the game and they deserved all of the credit. - Linebacker Curtis Lofton on last year's Fiesta Bowl

We've seen this scheme a lot. West Virginia has great athletes in the backfield. They definitely add spice to it I guess. We just have to play fundamental football. You just have to play your assignment. - Defensive end Auston English on West Virginia's offense

He can beat you by himself. And that's one thing we can't let him do. - Safety Nic Harris on West Virginia quarterback Pat White

It tests the character of your defense. I think we are trying to take on the challenge as best as we can. Just prepare to do well come Wednesday night. A lot about having success in defending spread offenses is being able to make tackles in the open field. It's on us to be prepared for that. They run it better than any spread offense we've seen all year. - Safety Nic Harris on defending West Virginia's offense

The interim head coach (Bill Stewart) I GA'd for. He's one of my best friends. In fact, I called him up when Rich (Rodriguez) was leaving and I asked him if he was Alexander Haig and if he was in charge. I've got a lot of respect for him. He's tougher than nails. He's a passionate guy. He loves that state. They've had a lot of success. They can add a little wrinkle here or there. Here's what we do. Here's what we are good at. Bill Stewart has been a head coach before, so he has had to make kicking game decisions. I've got a lot of respect for Rich (Rodriguez) because we ran that spread no-huddle (offense) at Northwestern. Shoot, we got it from him. - Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson of West Virginia interim head coach Bill Stewart

I can't say it helps us. I don't know how it affected them. I don't know really know what that situation is like. I'm sure it hasn't been a huge distraction for them. I'm sure they are focused on the Fiesta Bowl just like we are. I doubt that their game plan or anything else has changed.  - Quarterback Sam Bradford on Rich Rodriguez leaving West Virginia for Michigan

Nah, I really don't know that. Right now, I'm coming back next year. There is a lot of stuff I can work on. As of right now, I'm still going to put the jersey on next season. I have to make a decision after the season. I'll sit down with my family. Sit down and talk to Coach Stoops about it. As of right now, I'll still be with the Crimson and Cream. - Receiver Malcolm Kelly on if the Fiesta Bowl will be his last game as a Sooner

They're pretty much going to overload the box. They're going to try to stop the run. If there is one thing we do at Oklahoma, it is run the football. So it is going to be a very physical game. We're going to have to come out there and pound the ball. They know they have to stop the run. I know that I have to run the ball. We're going to go out there and play the best we can. When we start running the ball, the passing game will open up eventually. - Running back Allen Patrick on West Virginia's defense

I really liked the fact that Malcolm Kelly said that he'd be wearing an Oklahoma uniform next season. I just hope he stays true to that statement.