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All About the "W"

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All the hype, all the anticipation  and all the attempted intimidation by the Miami Hurricanes didn't matter because Saturday the business like Sooners were all about the W.

The Hurricanes came storming out of the tunnel to the northeast corner of the stadium to scream obscenities at the fans and tell us that it was, "All about the U!" Unfortunately for them that was about as imposing as they would be for the day as they would be out muscled, out hustled and flat out coached by the Sooners to the tune of 51-13 in a game where they couldn't earn anything at all and instead had to settle only for what the Sooners gave them, literally.

Sam Bradford was impressive again tying Jason White's school record of 5 touchdown passes in a game giving him 8 for the season. I really think that if Bradford stays healthy then Colt McCoy can kiss his NCAA record for touchdown passes by a freshman (29) goodbye.  

Of course the key to Bradford's success continues to be a massive offensive line that has allowed him to be sacked only once this season and skill position players who are blazing fast and oozing in talent. Time will tell how good the offensive line actually is but they are clearly one of the best units in the nation. The same can be said for OU's receivers as Malcolm Kelly continues to separate himself as one of the best around with his second 100 plus yard, multi-touchdown game.

Not all was well for the Sooners on Saturday though. Three mistakes led to all of Miami's points. After taking a 7-0 on Sam Bradford's 23 yard touchdown pass to Malcolm Kelly in the first quarter the Sooners ended their next possession with a botched long snap that went well over the punters head setting up a 20 yard Miami field goal.

Leading 21-3 Juaquin Iglesias' fumble set up the only Miami touchdown drive of the day cutting Oklahoma's lead to 21-10.

Leading by the same score Chris Brown fumbled on Oklahoma's first possession of the second half setting up Miami's second field goal and final score of the day.

Couple those miscues with some dropped passes and the Sooners weren't quite as crisp as last week against North Texas but when you score 51 points its hard to find something to complain about.

On a personal note I would like to thank Miami coach Randy Shannon for criticizing OU quarterback Sam Bradford and then not having enough sense to play the quarterback that would have given his own team the best chance to win. Good job coach I'm sure all of South Florida is proud of you tonight!

Unit Grades

Offensive Line: A- Allowing only one sack and paving the way for 455 net yards against a defense as good as Miami's is more than acceptable but not quite good enough for an A+.

Quarterbacks: A+ Sam Bradford was 19 of 25 for 205 yards with 5 touchdowns and no interceptions. In mop up duty Joey Halzle was 2 for 2 for 65 yards and a touchdown.

Receivers/Tight Ends: B+ Great blocking to go along with a combined 5 touchdown catches is spectacular but a few dropped passes and a fumble drop them a letter grade.

Defensive Line: B+ Great control of Miami's running attack and incredible on the goal but needed more quarterback pressure on passing downs and only registered two sacks.

Linebackers: A+ Completely held the Miami running backs a bay!

Secondary: A- Allowed less than 90 passing yards and scored a defensive touchdown but gave up a touchdown on a blown assignment.

Special Teams: B+ Averaged 43 yards per punt, went 1 for 1 on field goal attempts but missed an extra point but gave up an average of 22.9 yards on kickoff returns and 26.5 yards on punt returns.